Multi-brand maintenance for forklifts

  • annual safety inspection mandatory in Switzerland
  • services according to manufacturer's instructions
  • work under manufacturer's warranty
  • repairs to your machine, regardless of brand
  • replacement forklift
  • unique spare parts warehouse (12'000 dedicated parts, in stock in Ardon)

But also inspection, maintenance and repair of your industrial trucks, aerial work platforms, cleaning machines, lifting platforms, etc.

Elevator out of order, malfunction leading to a serious accident, machine broken down at the wrong time: a regular maintenance avoids many inconveniences.  

Don't worry, opt for a maintenance subscription and/or a subscription for the mandatory safety check-up.

A first check-up to assess the condition of your forklift is offered !

  • chassis
  • brakes
  • steering system
  • lifting mechanism
  • safety devices
  • mounted accessories.

So don't wait any longer, entrust your machine to professionals: our team of technicians on the road or in our workshops are already looking forward to helping you out!

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