Gaussian Robotics is a technology-focused and people-oriented commercial robotics company founded in 2013.

Our mission is to liberate basic labor with automation and our vision is to be a global leader in autonomous cleaning. We wish to simplify cleaning work so that cleaners have more time to perform high-value tasks instead of tedious repetitive work.


  • +150 highly skilled technicians trained and certified by Gaussian Robotics
  • 24/7 proactive support and assistance worldwide
  • all-inclusive repair and maintenance

ECOBOT looks nothing like a cleaning machine. Its design makes it look like a hightech show case, which attracts lots of attention. ECOBOT’s safety systems are amongst the best, so people and property are in safe hands.

Everybody loves ECOBOT because it is easy to use. Just press play and it will clean all the oors including corners. Cleaner staff to do manual touch-ups is not needed.

Autonomous cleaning robots by Gaussian Robotics

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